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Provide better security to your device with Norton Com/Setup.

Norton antivirus is a well-known and most reliable antivirus which can provide a safe and secure platform to your device. The malware attacks are getting stronger day by day; you need reliable and robust security software which can protect your device from all kinds of malware. With Norton Com Setup, you will get various advanced features such as malware removal, firewall, VPN, secure web, etc which can help to prevent malware infection. The malware detection and removal rate of Norton Activate is more than 99%! Norton believes in overall security. An unsecured network can become one of the major threats to your device. Norton Com Setup Product Key provides a powerful firewall which helps to secure your network. It regularly monitors the traffic in your network and assures that no harmful threat can enter in your device. Norton is giving you a facility where you can secure your various devices with just one Norton plan. With Norton.Com Setup Product Key, you can secure your Windows PC, MacBook, Android or iOS phones altogether!

What is Norton Com Setup Product Key?

Norton Product Key is a unique series of 25 alphanumeric characters. If you are purchasing your Norton Internet Security Setup from the market then you will receive your Enter Norton Product Key on the rear side of the box. But if you are buying Norton Code Activation from the internet then you will get your Norton Setup with Product Key on the registered email address. You will need this key while activating the Norton Setup. Always keep your Activate Norton Product Key with you. If you don't activate your product, you can only enjoy the Norton features for 15 days. If you want to use your device securely then Norton Product Key Activation is necessary.

Things you need to check before installing Norton Com Setup.

Before you start you have to check various parameters in your device:

Steps to install and activate Norton.Com/Setup in Windows OS

  1. Go to the official website of Norton
  2. If you are a new user then you have to create your Norton account. Go to sign-up and create an account will correct details. If you are an existing user then you can directly log-in to your Norton account.
  3. Log-in to your Norton account with your credentials
  4. Now visit Norton Com/Setup page
  5. You will see a series of blocks; enter the 25-character Norton Product Key in the blocks. Please check the key twice before hitting the confirm button. You won't be able to activate your Norton if you enter wrong Norton Activation Keys.
  6. Hit the Confirm button
  7. On the next page, you will get an automatic renewal service. If you want this service then hit the Okay button otherwise press Skip button. You can Renew Norton with Product Key.
  8. Now read the Automatic Product Renewal Terms carefully and then hit the Agree and Continue button.
  9. Now you have to enter your credit card details for starting the auto-renewal service.
  10. Provide the billing address and hit the Enroll button
  11. Now click on the Agree and Download button.
  12. After completing the download process, follow the given on-screen commands.
  13. Finally, hit the Done button

Steps for activating Norton.Com Setup Product Key in Mac OS

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to the official website of Norton antivirus
  3. Click on Norton 360 online Service Activation
  4. Log in to your Norton account with correct credentials. If you are a new user then you have to create a Norton account.
  5. After logging in Norton account, choose ‘Mac' from the OS menu
  6. Now click on the Install button for starting the Norton installation process
  7. You will get Terms and Agreement page on your screen
  8. Read the terms properly and then click on the "Agree and Install" button.
  9. Again enter the login credentials for confirmation purpose
  10. Choose the security plan you want to install in your device
  11. Now provide the valid permission to install Norton antivirus on your device
  12. Click on continue button for initializing the Norton installation process on the Mac device
  13. Wait for completing the Norton installation process
  14. Now you have to Activate Norton with Product Key, enter you 25-digit key on the provided field.
  15. Click on Continue button.
  16. After completing the installation and activation process; restart your device and use Norton antivirus on your device.

Steps to activate or Renew Norton in Android or iOS devices

Norton Mobile Security plan is specially designed for providing security to a mobile device.
  1. Go to Norton Mobile Security application on your mobile device
  2. Click on My Norton icon
  3. You will get a list of items
  4. Choose the plan you want to purchase and then enter your valid credentials.
  5. Follow the on-screen commands for completing the installation and activation process.

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If you need any kind of help to install Norton using Product Key; we are happy to help. Our team is round the clock available for providing help services regarding Norton Activation.